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  • Best Ultra-Portable Pod Vape: Rubi by KandyPens

Best Ultra-Portable Pod Vape: Rubi by KandyPens

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Best Ultra-Portable Pod Vape: Rubi by KandyPens

Best Ultra-Portable Pod Vape: Rubi by KandyPens

When it comes to ultra-portable pod vapes, it seems that there’s a new product on the market every day. There’s single-use, refillable, and ready-made pens, but which one is right for you? After sifting through countless products, we believe we’ve found the holy grail in the Rubi vape pen by KandyPens.

Refillable Pods

What has gained KandyPens immeasurable success is their use of refillable pods for the Rubi vape pen. KandyPens competitors such as Juul and Phix only offer pre-filled pods, which provide convenience but keep users away from customisation. The Rubi, on the other hand, offers as much customisation as you can handle by giving users the ability to create personal oil blends.

In our day and age, customization and independence are vital, and companies that offer these two things generally see success. By allowing these two factors, KandyPens’ Rubi is exactly.

what vape enthusiasts have been waiting for. No longer are we chained to one single pod or cartridge brand now that the Rubi is available. To add to Rubi’s advantages, users are not only chained to e-liquids because the Rubi is compatible with oils and concentrates.

Using and Refilling the Rubi

Using the Rubi can’t get any easier. Its buttonless design allows the user to just draw on the mouthpiece for the desired amount of vapor. It’s as simple as that.

To refill a pod, you’ll just need to take the pod and find the small refill hole on the side. Now, all you need to do is squirt, pour, or carefully place your desired liquid, oil, or concentrate inside. Now you can re-insert your Rubi pod to the main pen for vaping.

Ultra-Portable Design & Long Lasting Battery Life

The Rubi vape pen’s excellent portability and battery life stem from its simple design. The central heating element is 1.6ohm, and its battery is 280mAh. Surprisingly, the Rubi will last

40-60 hits before it needs to undergo a recharge. It takes roughly 30 minutes for the Rubi vape pen to reach maximum capacity.

The Rubi vape pen is ultra-convenient to take anywhere. At 4-inches, stashing your Rubi is as simple as putting your keys in your pocket thanks to its sleek and discreet design. Having the ability to vape on the go is an essential feature for most people, and being tied to a desktop vaporizer or bulky vaporizer can be highly inconvenient. With the Rubi vape pen, there are no strings attached, and you’re free to roam as long as you didn’t forget your USB charger.

High-Quality Taste

Many vape aficionados are generally turned away from pod vape pens and tend to stick with more considerable convection or conduction vaporizers. Vape enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised at how much flavor the Rubi by KandyPens packs. The vapor production also isn’t lacking so you can experience vaping as its meant to be.

Whether you’re in the market for an ultra-portable vape pen, a refillable vape pen, or new to the world of vaping; then the Rubi by KandyPens is nearly as good as it gets and a must try. At a price point of $50, the Ruby vape pen by KandyPens is hard to pass up when competing products cost the same but lack the compatibility and customisation.