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The 3 Best Convection Vaporizers of 2019

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The 3 Best Convection Vaporizers of 2019

The 3 Best Convection Vaporizers of 2019

As the popularity of convection vaporizers increases, consumers are left with a myriad of product choices. Endless marketing campaigns make it difficult for people to make a sound choice regarding the best convection vaporizer. Join us as we sift through the mediocre and find the real winners in the world of convection vaping.

 Firefly 2

What’s been heralded as the “iPhone of vaporizers” is one of our top choices for connoisseurs who place rich flavor above all else. The Firefly 2’s patented design allows for a steady flow of thick vapor while delivering an unrivaled smooth hit. The portable Firefly 2 is aesthetically pleasing in its ultra-modern design and comes in a wide range of expressive colors.

The technology behind this powerful convection vaporizer is through its patented design of dynamic convection. This means that the Firefly 2 doesn’t heat your liquid or dry herb at one single temperature, but instead, at a wide range for the best effect.

Through this revolutionary breakthrough, the Firefly 2 vaporizes all materials evenly and allows users to enjoy the perfect taste, every time.

Additional benefits to the Firefly 2 are:

-     Rapid heating in 3 seconds, so the Firefly 2 is ready when you are.

-     Rapid cooldowns, so each inhale is its own separate session.

-     Easy to clean and even easier to load.

-     Rechargeable batteries and lightning fast charging (45 minutes).

-     Just like a smartphone, the Firefly 2 receives automatic firmware upgrades.

-     Firefly App: control the Firefly’s temperature setting from your smartphone.

-     Variable convection temperature range from 200℉ to 500℉.

Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV convection vaporizer is a remarkable product due to its fast heat up time and efficient stainless-steel convection chamber that provides discerning users with a

full-flavored hit. The CFV convection vaporizer also provides users with thick clouds of cool vapor. Weighing only half a pound, the CFV is exceptionally portable and is perfect for those who are always on the move.

The CFV is capable of a temperature range between 140℉-446℉, thus allowing a wide range of flavor profiles of your concentrate, liquid, or dry herb. The CFV comes equipped with two internal batteries and is capable of 6 sessions per charge.

Additional benefits of the Boundless CFV:

-     Rugged design that can withstand the abuse of daily use.

-     Easy to load and clean.

-     Built with medical grade materials.

-     Extremely affordable price (retails for $149.95).

-     USB rechargeable

-     3-year warranty

Mighty by Storz & Bickel

A one-of-a-kind convection vaporizer by legendary Storz & Bickel, the company that invented the Volcano vaporizer. The Mighty is, without a doubt, one of the best convection vaporizers on the market for liquid, dry herbs or concentrate. Although it’s price tag may sway budget-minded users, Mighty offers vape connoisseurs a top-shelf experience without ever compromising quality.

The thick clouds of velvety vapor are packed with terpene profiles thanks to its excellently crafted convection chamber. You can rest assured that every last drop of material will be vaporized with the utmost efficiency while using the Mighty.

The design is a conversation starter and is elegant yet tactical. True to its German engineering, the Mighty is fully functional and a pleasure to marvel at. Although it isn’t pocketable, it is portable and its battery life with run circles around its competition.

Additional Benefits of the Mighty:

-     Extremely long battery life for multiple sessions (90-120 minutes)

-     Rugged design with a bright LED indicator.

-     Built with high-end medical grade materials.

-     Additionally uses conduction heating.

-     Selectable temperature range between 104℉-410℉

-     Easy to use and easy to clean.

-     2-year warranty.